May 2020

Washington PTO May 2020 AGENDA

Welcome - Kristen Marino & Rosemary O’Connell, Co-Presidents

Flag Salute - Mr. Blake

Introduce Board Members
Lauren Gigante, 1st VP
Lisa Hagy & Christine Mainwald, 2nd VPs
Melissa Shanley, Secretary
Tricia Theisz, Treasurer
Joey O’Connell & Sarir Silver, Co-Treasurers, Economy Shop
Joan Clemente, Past President
Heather Flanagan, Faculty Rep

Secretary: March minutes approval
Treasurer: Financial Statement, Bare Burger and Pizza Lunch Refund
Board Reports: Lauren, Lisa/Christine, Sarir/Joey
President’s Report: Announcement of 2020 - 2021 5th Grade Reps and Executive Board

Positions for 2020 - 2022
5th Grade Reps:
Tricia Caruso
Lisa Chamberlin
Nan Giblin
Dana Jareck
Sara Pringle
Ellen Scott

Nominating committee to announce the board members nominations
1st VP - Monica Bloch
2nd VPs - Danielle Fila and Jen Pane
Treasurer - Kate Scully
Secretary - Jennifer Rutha
Co-Economy Shop Chair - Susie Vanenburg

Proceed with vote
Fifth Grade Reps - Proceed with vote for class signs, $1000.00

Principal’s Report: Mr. Blake

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