June 2020

June 2020

Washington PTO Agenda

Welcome - Kristen Marino & Rosemary O’Connell, Co-Presidents

Flag Salute - Mr. Blake


Introduce Board Members

Lauren Gigante, 1st VP

Lisa Hagy & Christine Mainwald, 2nd VPs

Melissa Shanley, Secretary

Tricia Theisz, Treasurer

Joey O’Connell & Sarir Silver, Co-Treasurers, Economy Shop

Joan Clemente, Past President

Heather Flanagan, Faculty Rep


Introduce Superintendent: Dr. Postma

  • Dr. Postma is looking forward to taking on her new role as Wyckoff's Superintendent. 
  • She will be officially signing onboard July 1, 2020.


Secretary: May minutes approval

Treasurer:  Financial Statement

  • Trish reviewed the final budget.
  • Bareburger and Pizza have been refunded
  • 5th Grade Reps had some expenses for 5th Grade week
  • Staff appreciation expenses
  • PTO purchased the bike racks


President’s Report: Farewell to Mrs. Lauber

  • Mr. Blake made a very heartfelt sincere goodbye to our beloved Reading Specialist, Janice Lauber.
  • Mrs. Lauber gave her final goodbyes 

Thank you to Dena Colello for School Supplies

Thank you to our 5th Grade Reps 

Thank you to all our Class Parents and committee chairs for 2019-2020. 

  • Email a gift card in a big Thank you

Thank you to all our outgoing 5th grade families.  

  • Gift will be delivered by 2nd VP's L. Hagy and C. Mainwald


Thank you to Mr. Blake.

  • Gift card were sent

Thank you to our Executive Board.  


Board Reports: Lauren, Lisa/Christine, Melissa, Trish, Sarir/Joey

Special dedication to all of the Executive 


Committee Reports: 5th Grade Reps


Principal’s Report: Mr. Blake

  • We are Family felt right! He appreciates on every level of how everyone worked so hard to make this school year the best we can during a very challenging time.
  • 5th Grade week email was sent out with a schedule.
  • Email will be sent for move-up day
  • Email will be sent of which teacher the students will have next September
  • Report cards will also have the new teacher for 20/21 aligned on it as well.


Board Updates:


  • Lauren- no update
  • Lisa- School Supply sale available- please reach out to Dena Colello
  • Joey- Economy shop will not be taking donations


  • Cynthia- reviewed the 5th Grade schedule and activities they are doing.



  • Made a motion on enhancing outdoor items and using $5000 of the PTO money fundraised. 
  • Motion was approved.


We would like to officially welcome the new Executive Board Members:

1st VP - Monica Bloch

2nd VPs - Danielle Fila and Jen Pane

Treasurer - Kate Scully

Secretary - Jennifer Rutha

Co-Economy Shop Chair - Susie Vanenburg


We hope that you enjoy your summer and we will see you in September!


Thank you!



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